Healthy Indiana Plan

Healthy Indiana Plan

If you live in Indiana and do not have access to health insurance from your employer, there is hope in finding an affordable health insurance plan. In January 2008, the state of Indiana began accepting applications for the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP). The plan was approved by the Federal government through a waiver to reallocate Medicaid dollars to include more individuals.

Under the plan, individuals who are uninsured can apply for health insurance in accordance with the waiver. The plan serves the very poor and low-income population. In order to qualify for coverage, the individual must not have received health insurance for more than six months; does not qualify for Medicaid or Medicare; is between ages 19 and 64; and is a legal U.S. citizen. The candidate/family must also meet the following maximum yearly income criteria: one person - $21,660; family of two - $29,140; family of three - $36,620; family of four - $44,100 and for a family of five - $51,580.

Healthcare coverage has become more accessible and it is important that everyone who qualifies should become informed in order to get the chance to receive the benefits. With this unique health insurance plan, Indiana was the first state in the nation to offer this sort of amendment to Medicaid and is able to do so through a high deductible plan that can work out for even a tight budget. The deductible for the plan is $1,100 and offers coverage for up to $300,000 a year.

The plan will cover approved applicants for the following services: prescriptions, physician services, inpatient and outpatient hospital visits, diagnostic exams, home health care, hospice, family planning, preventive care, case and disease management, and mental health services, including substance abuse treatment, inpatient and outpatient care and prescriptions.

The plan does not cover dental, vision or maternity services. There may be a monthly fee, based on one's income, to cover costs of the plan. The fee is a sliding scale and usually would end up to be 2 – 5% of one's total monthly income.

To apply for HIP, Indiana residents can visit to download an application in English or Spanish. Or, for more information or to check on status of your application, call 1.877.GET.HIP9 (438.4479). The state of Indiana cautions you of potential fraudulent HIP personnel contacting you, and does not, under any circumstance, ask for checking account or credit card information. Do not give this information to anyone over the phone who may call claiming to represent HIP. If you suspect a scam, you can visit or call 1.800.382.5516 to report suspicious activity.